corn woman by blaze warrender
Wedgetail Dreaming
somewhere a snow leopard listens
freedom tiger by blaze warrender
why elephants weep by blaze warrender


This once in a lifetime experience will change your world view for ever. Take a journey where you deepen your connection with nature and yourself. Connecting with wild animals and wild lands, over several days, has a profound impact on people. They are transformed in their way of being, seeing, living, and understanding. Most people never get this opportunity. Explore this journey through expressive art in a safe, inspiring environment. Art is a medium that speaks without words, yet enables you to integrate and better re-member your experience. You will experience directly through observation and self-discovery in nature.

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Exhibitions are how I go about the business of getting my art out into the world to support animal protection. The focus of these exhibitions is to create awareness of wildlife protection issues, and to engage and inspire others to act on behalf of wildlife. They are part of my Eyes For The Wild projects. These ‘Conversation Pieces’ exhibitions are the ‘conversations ‘experienced when connecting deeply with animals either in life or through images.

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Let me share my love of all things wild with your love of the wild in ways that are a lasting memory for you. Commissions are personal momentos of your own life journey and visions. They encompass many forms depending on your own story. Many people who share my wildlife retreats ask me to interpret their experience through my eyes. This gifts them with a very personal memory of their life changing interaction with rescued wild animals on our retreats. Maybe your passion for wildlife can be painted, life-size, on a wall in your home.

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Featured Posts

Mini-me baby elephant sculpture for Merricks Published On: September 12, 2013
There’s an elephant in my kitchen! Yes but this one is small and oh soo cute! She was commissioned for a venue in the wine country and will welcome visitors from the front counter . Thank you to everyone who was supported Elephant family. xxx blaze Mini me in my kitchen - Moonbear, indochine tiger, spirit bear, grevvy’s zebra foal, dhole, with gennet on the ele’s face Amur leopard, white lions of Timbavati, Hidalgo the Spanish mustang from the film,baby gorilla, giant sable and ...  read more
There Published On: August 5, 2013
Thank you to all those who have sent me such supportive and inspiring feedback on my paintings, the elephants and this space, my blog where I like to talk to people. This is such a beautiful warm atmosphere for me to spend time in as artist in residence. Merricks House at the Merricks General Winestore. Thank you also to all the staff at the Store. They have been so positive and helpful during my time in the House. A great team ...  read more
Celebration of Life Published On: July 26, 2013
I am celebrating!   Another elephant project completed. Another baby elephant walks out into the world carrying images of beautiful animals whose lives matter our time. These babies are alive in ways  for me, a credit to their designer.  When I paint  the eyes first, the elephant  can watch as I move thru the painting process. Maybe this is what gives them personality. At best I like to be ‘witness’  to the process of creating though I all too often ...  read more