bengal tiger by blazewarrender

My greatest joy is to spend time with rescued wild animals at my favourite  sanctuaries. This has given me the opportunity to connect with wild animals in a way that would be impossible in the wild. Once their basic survival needs are taken care of, what remains is a sweetness, an openness and willingness to connect that dissolved my fear, preconceived notions and expectations.  In their presence,  I am humbled by what I feel. Their individuality, emotions, majesty, beauty, wisdom and intelligence speaking to my heart not my mind. Surely mirrored in their eyes is the truth in ourselves, the key to our soul and the spark of our humanity. Through my work I hope to give them a voice so that you may see and feel this too.

“Blaze –  you create such beautiful paintings – they enable us to imagine stories in our mind of the animals you paint. The animals connect each of us with our own stories and through their eyes we find a portal to our souls. And there, in the deep recesses of ourselves is triggered the spark of humanity and an understanding of what we must do to help them. “  ~   Christian