Australian by birth, I am the outcome of a romantic liaison between the daughter of a Russian Tinker and an English adventurer in search of the ‘new’ world. Fairytale stories from many distant places peppered my childhood  feeding my yearning for travel.

Some of those earliest memories are also of magical animal experiences on our farm. With these animals, time stood still and I would loose myself in their unspoken language.

These special encounters are the creative influences woven through my life and my art.

Subsequently,  my journeys took me afar with long sojourns in San Francisco and London, plus a few years immersed in the romantic artistry of Europe.During my travels, I started my career painting fantasy finishes and murals on interior walls, learning to ‘paint on the job’.

Later in life when I began to paint on canvas, I sourced these techniques. I never ‘know’ what I am going to paint, rather, laying down  transparent oil paint which gives me a place to begin. After ‘breaking the surface’ of the colour with brushes, cloth or other tools, I allow the patterns in the paint to guide me,  discovering imagery  within the layers. Thus the stories unfold as I watch.
Today my life is about  ART, ANIMALS and HEALING.  I paint FROM the experience of connecting with animals, celebrating their beauty,  individuality and the lessons we can learn from them –  a glass of champagne is always at hand!

I want to help animals so I support a small group of organisations that are sanctuaries for wild animals damaged by their interaction with humans.
I have had the privilege of spending time just ‘BEING’ with individual animals, something I would never normally be able to do especially with wild animals Particularly with wild animals.

Several peak experiences changed the path of my life taking my connection with animals to a whole new level.
I now believe that a really emotional connection with an animal —-particularly a wild one-  is what most people need to truly care enough to want to protect them.

In the words of David Attenborough –
~No One will protect what they don’t care about,   
And no one will CARE about
what they have NEVER EXPERIENCED.~

I feel very deeply for animals and life on this planet.
The best way I have of communicating this is through my paintings.
The eyes are the focal point for me.
They reach out and grab my heart  saying WE MATTER

My message is to respect and take great care of animals. The world would be an empty canvas without them.

Thank you for visiting my Artsite.

Keep creative – blaze

“Your art give me a sense the animals are looking back from a physical environment which we humans think belongs exclusively to us. You seem to propose that we are over stating our importance, that we are wrongheaded considering ourselves the top species. You are portraying the natural order as it really is, rather than the way our group ego has it reconstructed. …..
Your art is an honest voice of nature, correcting the story, showing us the error of our ways. As a human I am left saying to myself  ‘please stop behaving like that, you are messing everything up.”  ~  Mike