Becoming Kindred Spirits

Sharing a kind, non-dominant approach to helping people and animal
join each other in  ‘true relationship’

Becoming Kindred Spirits -Wanting to be together, soul mate, kindred soul, true love, connecting us to the world by our ‘heartstrings.’ A bond beyond words, beyond protocol and discipline.

true relationship  – is a relationship built on trust and understanding, peace and compassion, listening and working together, supporting each other, becoming conscientious in our way, beyond self-interest, to selfless caring for another. This is true love /true relationship.

I qualified as a practitioner of the “ Trust Technique® ”. A life changing way of  healing relationships between people and animals. Developed by James French and Shelley Slingo in England, the qualification is awarded by the Crossfield Institute,  in the category of Large Animals, including horses, farm animals, zoos, rescue centers , and wild animal sanctuaries.

This journey has informed my world and my art through an even deeper connection with animals.

Today I use this training to create my own way of being with animals.

Trust and understanding have nothing to do with training.


As a child – I felt isolated and marginalized in my human world.  Escaping to the world of animals I dissolved into their presence – no language was needed, there was a kind of meeting of souls, different but connected by the thread of consciousness. I felt at home in this world, accepted by another, heart to heart.  
Later on – my painting process became a way to express my own experiences of deep connection with animals. The painting process itself was my teacher through life’s hurdles, a process of self- awareness/consciousness and individuation.
Always my passion was to help heal the wound in animals damaged by their interaction with humans. My ‘Achilles Heel’ I guess. So I was privileged to visit a few chosen wildlife rescue/sanctuaries where I was able to connect deeply with wild animals unable to live out their lives in the wild. This changed my world forever.
Then after the passing of my soul mate cat – Smudge, everything shifted. I longed to deepen this connection with animals. To give back to the sanctuaries where I had been immersed in unexpected ‘peak’ experiences.

As things happens, studying The Trust Technique® came into my life. A journey that has informed my world and my art through an even deeper connection with animals.

I love sharing this with you!

Life revolves around relationships – whether with people, animals, or the world around us. When our connections are harmonious, peace permeates our surroundings, influencing our interactions with life.

The BKS approach centers on mutual listening, understanding, and trust. It starts with finding inner peace, then guiding animals to their own serene state, regardless of circumstances.

Through BKS, you delve into a deeper connection beyond mere gestures like hugging or treats. The challenge lies in acknowledging hidden tensions and agendas, embracing a new, inclusive partnership with animals. 
It requires opening your heart instead of following your desires solely with your mind.

Central to my philosophy is the notion that peaceful relationships form the cornerstone of a harmonious existence, whether with humans, animals, or the environment. By fostering inner peace within ourselves, we can guide animals towards their own serenity, irrespective of circumstances.

I’ve discovered profound connections with animals, surpassing what I once deemed possible. This involves opening our hearts to them, prioritizing empathy over control. Animals, like humans, crave freedom from fear, pain, and suffering, valuing peace of mind and companionship above all.
Mostly the old way is enforcing obedience through coercion, humans are the boss, making animals compliant, submit to human dominance and control. We make them helpless and dependent, obedient and subservient. Our animals must do what we say.This is so deeply engrained in our culture we don’t even realize it. 

Animals never show signs of ‘problem’ or ‘bad behaviour’ for no reason. The animal is communicating that something is not OK with them.   They can’t verbalize, so they act out how they are feeling on a deeper level.

I advocate for nurturing relationships based on mutual respect and understanding. By reframing so-called “bad behavior” as communication, we can cultivate a deeper bond with animals, grounded in trust and compassion.

I do not  endeavour to fix problems.  It’s more about healing relationships.
Mostly these relationships are about the feelings we share.

How different might it be
if we were to cultivate our relationship
Not our control.

By just ‘Being’ and allowing your horse ‘to Be’,  you might be surprised by what will unfold.


A noteworthy study by the HeartMath Institute underscores the profound impact of peace of mind on both humans and animals, highlighting the interconnectedness of our emotional states and the power of intuition in fostering harmony.

In essence, my approach to interacting with animals mirrors the artistry of my painting process – grounded in empathy, patience, and a deep reverence for the innate wisdom of all beings.

                  ‘when we change the way we look at things,      
the things we look at change.

All I want in my life is meaning/purpose, integrity/authenticity and peace of mind. 
This Lynx shows me how-
enjoying Trust Technique®

Your bond becomes deeper than you ever realized possible.

I love animals. Horses always my passion. If I can make a positive difference for people and their animals that is my greatest joy. All of this spills into my art, stories and out into the world.
I am so very grateful!
If you would like to discuss any of this, I promise no obligation.  I love to inspire others to find new possibilities in their relationship with themselves and their animals. Animals are my world, all I hope for is to support a kinder future for us all. 
contact me. I would love to connect. 

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I love to work with you on-line. Zoom works well.  What technology do you have?

Animals open human hearts – 
Humans can do so much to change the world. In the words of the DALAI LHAMA ~ ‘Just Be Kind’
So bring trust, peace and healing to the human /animal connection.

My focus is to inspire a world of kindness and empathy for All Being.

Stay creative in your world
 – blaze