AND THE MOUNTAIN SPEAKS   – 36″ x 28″  – oil & mixed mediums on Belgian linen – intutive painting of expressive wildlife.

Several years ago I joined a l retreat, ‘Walk On The Wildside’ with Rose de Dan at Earthfire Institute in Idaho USA. We spent time connecting with both the resident rescued wild animals and the awe-inspiring land of the Grand Tetons.

One evening at dusk, surrounded by sage and bathed in the yellow glow of dusk I fell into deep reverie, hands touching the ground feeling the essence of everything around me. As the stillness grew within me I remember hearing voices, sounds beyond any words, as if in a dream. This seemingly small experience changed how I see myself in the world.

When I put down the first layers of this painting, I had a vague idea about a horse wanting to become part of the imagery. As I relaxed and allowed the image to evolve the sage bush experience came flooding back to me. When I take the time to sit with the imagery, without thinking something magical happens. So it was in this painting where in reflection so much of my own symbolism appeared etched into the paint. Now that I paint medicine drums they always seem to appear which feels like there is a prayer offering in the story. Unlike much of my work this horse is not looking out of the canvas, rather gazing into the distance, maybe listening. This has me wondering what else the mustang might be wanting to share other than reminding me of my own journey. A painting to spend time with in contemplation.  Hope you enjoy this story.
Stay creative in your world – blaze