As far back as I remember I connected with animals as my friends and equals. From a tadpole in a pond to an eagle soaring high above the trees where we lived I can remember many conversations from the heart of my child. Life’s twists and turns drew me into painting. Decorating interior walls in houses. Exploring techniques by accident and finally finding a style that flowed for me. Later in life I engaged these techniques to help me express, on canvas, the connection with animals that has always informed every aspect of my life.  Often I wonder if the painting process allows me to re connect with the child who was so at one with animals. Or am I painting from those experiences. Whatever it might be, one day I will collect  stories together in a book and maybe others will also enjoy them. Meantime I continue to seek connection with wild animals, caring for them in even the smallest ways. Somehow my world seems right in the doing and I wonder what other purpose there is to my life than Loving Animals. Human and non-human, how empty the world would be with out them……blessings blaze