SOUL OF EARTHFIRE  –  36″ X 46″ – oil & mixed mediums on Belgian linen

My creative journey took another turn when I visited Earthfire Institute wildlife sanctuary in Idaho USA. Offered the opportunity to interact with rescued wild animals changed the way I see life and my place in the world. There were so many experiences that all have a common thread, the circle of animals and their willingness to interact with us. This allowed for artistic exploration, animal or interspecies communication and immersion into animal spirituality.

I was particularly taken by a lynx ,Elmo, with whom I had some beautiful moments. Researching Lynx I discovered an Iberian cousin in Spain now critically endangered. Although I do not literally paint the experience, I do paint from the feelings of the experience that always opens up unknown or familiar insights.

In this painting I wanted to share this through the symbol of the circle, the web of life and the crow ever present in my garden, wherever I might be.

Stay creative in your world – blaze