FOR THE LOVE OF LIFE  –  oil and mixed mediums on Belgian linen – For The Love Of Topaz, my first horse and her foal Ma Fille.  –  SOLD

If you have watched mares and foals you will know that although the youngsters gallivant around, when they touch base with their mothers there is always a deep affection between them, a display of unmistakable love between a mother and child.

I wanted to explore this feeling of love and how horses might express it. To jump into the feeling myself I need something to look at.

I found a beautiful image that spoke to every feeling I wanted to capture. I rarely use direct resource material but this image was exceptional and I had never painted a horse. I discovered it was the work of talented photographer Sande Elkins of Gray Horse designs. Thank you for permission Sande.

Painting my first horse was daunting. I knew that it would be the beginning of a new journey and that this painting would hold a message for me. As I dived into the canvas I felt a deep ordering within myself, a letting go. I felt the shapes come through even without looking at the photo. This process stirred up feelings of love, loving what I do and allowing the unique message of my subject to come through.
Hence the name for this piece.