SUNFIRE – oil & mixed mediums on Belgian linen – Mustang Stallion at Return To Freedom mustang sanctuary in California,USA.
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Whilst working on a series of stories based on my experiences with horses, Sunfire was never out of my mind. His photo above my art space meant his presence was always with me. This majestic stallion is one of a herd of bachelor stallions at Return To Freedom Mustang Sanctuary in USA. He caught my eye from day one, not only for his striking tobiano roan colouring, also the sense of independence and strength I felt from him. I wanted so much to connect with him.

He grazed a hundred feet from me, head lowered, attention fully on me, sensing something unknown in his territory. Once he left the band and raced towards me, defiantly, warning me though not menacingly. Just exerting his presence I thought. Of course I got a fright and in that moment all my expectation dissolved. I felt empty, a bit shaken and sank into a sort of trance not watching, thinking or wanting anything.

When this seemingly endless moment passed I realized the big snowflake red horse was close behind me with his friends, inquisitive, grazing, quietly accepting my presence. Was I being as they were, in the moment doing just what they do.

This incident made an indelible mark on my life, my understanding of judgment and expectation.

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