EMERGENCE  –  oil & mixed mediums on Belgian linen –
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This painting signified a pause in the restrictions of doing projects and a need to reconnect with my own creative process. Yellow, pink and turquoise created a starting point. My favorite colors, they help me connect with the feeling of beauty that I wanted to express in this painting. I knew it would be part of my horse project but had no idea what might evolve. I struggled to move forward feeling creatively blocked. I keep a beautiful hand-painted box for inspiring words and images. Opening the precious container of my inspiration, I knew it would hold a key to what was needed for this painting to flourish. Symbolically I painted a turquoise border around the image as though the box was open. There inside I felt the story take wings.
I found symbols appearing that had been present in earlier work, the stairway, the 7 moons, the eagle to mention a few. The winged horse was new. At the time I was reading about souls and reincarnation. Maybe there is a suggestion of this here. I do feel there is a birth in this. Or maybe it is the cycle of life-death-rebirth. This painting is always a catalyst for visitors to share their insights.

See you again soon.  Stay creative in your world – blaze